October 12th - 22nd, 2020


This is the first virtual congress offered by Tijuana EDCState Government of Baja CaliforniaWTC San DiegoSan Diego Innovation CouncilUS/MX Chamber of Commerce and Institute of the Americas, in collaboration with Binational San Diego-Tijuana Region.
The congress will be imparted virtually, thanks to a platform that allows the attendees to assist in the commodity of their home, due to the regulations of the COVID-19.
The region of Binational San Diego-Tijuana Region (California – Baja California) is recognized internationally for its strong business infrastructure, importation and exportation of goods, products, technology, tourism and investment.
The program of the congress includes international speakers that have a clear idea why Binational San Diego-Tijuana Region is the future for business, sharing their experience of their companies, projects, points of interest of the main industries, and debate of the trends that will bring new ways of doing business in the region.
Target audience will be executive directors, business developers, board members, sales managers, manufacturing experts of international companies, chambers of commerce, business development offices, embassies, related to industries held during the congress.


8AM - 1PM

The program of the Borderless Business Congress is fully dedicated to share trends, challenges, future, success stories, technology, business opportunities and more, from experienced persons that are working directly or indirectly with Binational San Diego-Tijuana Region. We selected the following topics that as Binational San Diego-Tijuana Region we consider strong for this region and emerging industries of the future as well.
With the participation of the Government of Canada, Government of the United States of America and the Government of Mexico, Moderated by the Secretary of Economy of Baja California, and opening remarks by the Mayor of San Diego.
Day 01
Borderless Business
  • How to USMCA
  • Reshoring: The Hottest Trend in Business
  • Panel: Borderless Talent: Key driver for innovation
Day 02
Advanced Manufacturing
  • Reimagine the future
  • Panel: From R&D to manufacturing
  • Additive Manufacturing
  • Manufacturing going to Digital
  • Panel: Advanced materials for advanced manufacturing
Day 03
Global Logistics
  • Logistics 4.0 : Transforming operations through innovation
  • Worldwide connectivity
  • Amazon scope
  • Future of Crossborder transportation
Day 04
Start Ups
  • Binational San Diego-Tijuana Region Innovation Ecosystem
  • Startup Success cases
  • VC & innovation funds
  • From R&D to the marketplace
Day 05
Information of Technology
  • How IT makes economy great
  • Cluster value chain integration around the world
  • Tech Ecosystem & Business Opportunities
  • IT innovation and trends interaction with key industries
Day 06
Film Industry
  • National Film Production Scope
  • Cali Baja and testimonials – Film Industry
  • Virtual Reality and videogame industry
Day 07
  • Institute of the Americas Scope
  • Clinical Trials
  • Vaccine Manufacturing COVID-19
  • BioMed-Tech Valley
Day 08
Food & Beverage
  • Binational San Diego-Tijuana Region Craft Beer
  • Panel: Disruptive Agro Business to feed the world
  • Food industry trends
  • The tasty flavor of business experience in BAJA
Day 01
Borderless Business
  • How USMCA, IMMEX program, shelter program benefit my full project cost.
  • Contract Manufacturing “How to start doing business in Cali – Baja”
  • Nearshore and reshoring your manufacturing and innovation operations.
Day 02
Advanced Manufacturing
  • Main industries (Aerospace- DEFENSE, Medical Devices, Automotive (ELECTRIC CARS and their future).
  • Industry 4.0, Additive Manufacturing.
Day 03
  • Panel “Worldwide Connectivity”. CBX, Matrix, “Port of San Diego; Port of Ensenada, Asia, Europe, Panama.
  • Customs Broker (CT-PAT) and movement of goods.
  • Amazon / Ali Baba/ Mercado Libre/ Fedex
Day 04
Start Ups / High impact entrepreneurs
  • Invest and Funding opportunities for my project.
  • Prototyping, Scale up Mfg
  • Scaling up to Manufacturing, to the Market.
Day 05
Information of Technology
  • The Cali-Baja Valley of IT Software Development
  • Animation offices
  • Industry 4.0
Day 06
Content and Film Industry
  • Opportunities in the film industry
  • Animation
  • VFXx
Day 07
Biotechnology / Energy
  • Trends (Green, Blue, White, Pharma)
  • Market
  • Talent
Day 08
Day Food and Beverage
  • Food Industry
  • Wine & Craft Beer industry
  • Baja Tourism